Mrs. Jennifer Gennick   

Jennifer Gennick holds a B.A. in Psychology with teaching licensure for grades K-8.  She has sixteen years of teaching experience, all in lower grades. She is currently teacher grades 4K and kindergarten.

Mrs. Gennick enjoys working with children.  She believes each child is a unique individual and greatly loved by God.  Her goal as a teacher, with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, is to help each student make a connection with their Heavenly Father.  Academic excellence is another important goal.  Through engaging and interactive activities and learning experiences, they will grow academically throughout the school year.  Mrs. Gennick believes having a strong start in school is a key to a child’s further success in school.  She strives to make her classroom a safe and inviting place where students and parents know they are welcome.

Mrs. Wendy Boyd  

Hi, I’m Mrs. Boyd and I teach grades 1-4 at Mobile Jr. Academy. I grew up in beautiful Niagara Falls in Upstate New York. Adventist heritage and education go a long way back in my family tree making me a 4th generation Adventist. My life is a testimony to the impact that Adventist education can have on a child’s life as well as the generations that follow them. Ask me sometime about my personal journey and what Adventist education has done for me in my life. I would love to share.

My love of for Alabama and southern living began when I spent my summer breaks on my grandmother’s farm in Dothan, Alabama. Subsequently, when it came time for me to graduate from Union Springs Academy it wasn’t a hard decision to move to Tennessee to attend Southern Adventist University. It was there that I earned Adventist certification and a BS in Elementary Education. I later went on to earn Certification as a Reading Specialist from Elmira College. Along the way I also earned some awards including the Senior Student of the Year Alumni Award and Scholarship. I graduated with a Magna cum Laude and was awarded the 1999 Who’s Who among American College Students.

I believe it is important to keep up to date on educational trends so I read and take courses every year to keep up to date with new methods of teaching and learning. Another important goal for me is for my students to come to school every day with anticipation excitement about learning. I also want them to discover their individuality as well as their God given gifts and talents. In our classroom students will learn the importance of teamwork by working together and helping each other to achieve. I love this little school and all the wonderful people who are part of making our program a huge success.

Mr. Wesley Gennick   

Originally from Chattanooga, Tennessee, Mr. Gennick grew up in a family who believed in the value of Adventist education to the extent that they sacrificed a great deal in order for him to receive a quality education within the Adventist school system. Mr. Gennick has been a Seventh-day Adventist his whole life and was baptized into the church at 10-years-old. He and his wife, Jennifer, have three young children, two of which attend Mobile Junior Academy.

Mr. Gennick has served over 18 years in the Army and Army National Guard. Currently he is serving in the Tennessee Army National Guard. He has a broad work history in many areas. He was an assisted living home manager in Chattanooga Tennessee for the developmentally disabled at Orange Grove center and school. He was also a technician in a medical laboratory in Huntsville Alabama.

After graduating from Athens State University with a Bachelors of Science degree in Collaborative Education (special education), Mr. Gennick is prepared to provide a solid education to all learning levels and to meet each student’s educational needs. He has worked with at-risk students in special education for two years as a pre-service teacher in the Madison County public schools. Mr. Gennick is now the principal and teacher of grades 5th – 8th grades at Mobile Junior Academy. Mr. Gennick has been granted a Standard teaching certificate from the Southern Union of Seventh Day Adventist, also he hold secondary certifications in Biology, Bible, and Physical Education and an Alabama teaching license.

“My goal is to share my experience in life in my classroom and to connect Christ into every subject taught here at MJA!”