4K/Kindergarten Curriculum

The 4K/Kindergarten program is structured to provide a relaxed atmosphere in which each child has an opportunity to succeed, to be creative, and to develop at his/her own rate. The child benefits from individual guidance and shared group experiences as his/her personality and character develop.

The curriculum is Kendall Hunt’s Stepping Stones, which is part of the Pathways series. The Bible curriculum has a themed approach throughout the year to instill Christian values. The Biblical creation story is the basis of the science curriculum. Learning emphasis is placed on nature and the Scriptures, thus acquainting the child with a loving God.

The curriculum develops the child’s senses, arouses natural curiosity, and teaches early observation, classification and analysis skills which stimulate further study. The discovery approach necessitates active student involvement in learning experiences. A variety of activities including stories, music, play, art, cooking, field trips, role-playing, games, videos, and computers provide each child with a program for total development.

Stepping Stones prepares the student for first grade with learning experiences in reading readiness, math, handwriting, music, art, and social interaction. These are adapted to each child’s needs to make school an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Evaluation of student progress includes individual testing and teacher/parent observation.

Grades 1-8 Curriculum

The Bible’s influence permeates every subject and school activity, thus broadening a person’s understanding of self, as well as the surrounding world. This Bible-based curriculum includes, but is not limited to, the following areas:


Art classes are taught in all grades by an experienced artist/crafter. Art experiences depend on materials and class level.


The Bible/Religion curriculum develops independent thinkers, not mere thought reflectors. Individual opinion and question will be respected as students are led to form biblically-sound conclusions. Students are encouraged to develop a love for God and His work through personal experience. The Bible curriculum is included in every grade.


Computers are located in every classroom to enhance the learning opportunities for our students. Students also have access to the computer lab. Students in 4K/Kindergarten to 2nd grade learn the basics of keyboarding and a computer. Formal computer instruction begins in the third grade by teaching introductory keyboarding and word processing. The North American Division Keyboarding and Computer Education Standards are used for all grades.


Writing, literature, and grammar are components of the Pathways Language Arts Program. This includes elements such as Reading Workshop, Writer’s Workshop, and Spelling. The teacher may supplement grammar instruction with a language textbook.


Handwriting for grades 1-4 is included in the Pathways Language Arts Program. Cursive is taught in grades 3-4.


The math curriculum includes mastery of basic skills and the practical application of these skills instills values such as accuracy, honesty, economy and Christian stewardship.

The curriculum is Harcourt Math for grades 1-5 and Passport Math for grades 6-8. An accelerated math program is available to students who score in the 90th percentile or above on the complete achievement test battery and in math. With approval of the child’s teacher and his/her parents, a qualifying student may take one grade level above the student’s actual grade level.


Music instruction for all grades includes group vocal and rhythm classes. Other music opportunities include choirchime instruction and private piano lessons.

Fifth to eighth grade students have to opportunity to attend Education Fair held each year at Bass Memorial Academy.

Physical Education

Recognition of the physical body as the temple of God leads to a unique respect for physical education. The program’s activities enable the student to develop physical, mental, and social growth.


Reading skills are basic to a successful academic experience and to spiritual growth. The student’s success in reading affects his/her total educational and life experience. Oral reading experiences develop the ability to read with expression.

To uphold high Christian literature standards, Seventh-day Adventist schools use their own Pathways Language Arts Program. This program includes comprehension skills, literature appreciation, spelling and grammar applications, and writing skills.

Phonetic skills are an integral part of the reading program.

Reading A-Z and Accelerated Reader are incorporated to improve reading fluency and comprehension. Students progress through various levels as they master vocabulary. Frequent assessment determines mastery at each level.

DIBELS (Dynamic Indicator of Basic Early Literacy Skills) testing monitors students’ progress in reading fluency. These tests are administered three times a year, and results are sent to parents.

Science and Health

The accurate study of science and health lead to the understanding that God, the Creator and Sustainer of the universe, is the originator of all true scientific knowledge. Awareness that the laws of nature are the laws of God develops an appreciation of the study of science as a means of learning about His character. An appreciation of the human body as the temple of God provides the basis for practicing divinely-given health principles.

Because of the many spiritual applications of science and health, Seventh-day Adventists use their own science and health series with supplementary materials.

Social Studies

The social studies program includes geography, the history of God’s leading among the nations, and comparing history and current events to prepare students for contemporary living. Standard social studies textbooks are used for the core program with supplemental materials used when appropriate.


MJA emphasizes excellence as evidenced by correctness in spelling. Correct spelling is expected in all written work.

Spelling is included in the Pathways programs. An online resource used for additional spelling practice and study is, which is used for grades 1-8.